Doggobone Active Raw Food

Deciding which food to feed your pet, can become a confusing and daunting task with so many different brands on offer. So many pets have become intolerant to grain based or partial grain based foods. The increase in skin allergies, itchiness, ear infections, dogs with a constant odour  (All these issues a usual indicator of yeast and grain allergy), has become the main complaint and or concern in pet owners. The elimination of these foods or triggers has shown great results in the reduction and often complete ceasing of the allergy.

Although we cannot copy the footprint of Mother Nature we can surely mimic what dogs and cats  were designed to eat naturally. By providing for them a biologically appropriate meal that allows their systems to work effectively and hopefully building their immune system through a diet that puts very little stress on the body and  ultimately helps protect them from degenerative diseases and other health complications associated with poor nutrition. 

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Doggobone produces raw food for companion animals from its facility in Cape Town. All products are produced at our environmentally controlled  facility and flash frozen. Doggobone Active Raw Food products are certified and registered under Act 36 of 1947


Directions for use