Acne Cream – For the Guys


You should start seeing results in 15 days. Will not dry out your skin, leaving it smooth and clear.

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Acne Cream – For the Guys

You should start seeing results in 15 days. Will not dry out your skin, leaving it smooth and clear.

The active ingredient is Neem oil, which has multiple healing properties – Anti bacterial, anti-inflammatory and Collagen boosting properties that will reduce and eliminate scars AND triggers the body to reduce its excessive oil production. Apply to the entire face not just the affected areas.


Rooibos: Anti-oxidants, Vitamins, anti-bacterial.

Jojoba: Sebum control, Collagen boost, anti-bacterial

Baobab: Scar repair by boosting Collagen development

Moringa: Skin purifier

Aloe Vera: Evens out skin tone


As we all know, Acne is formed by the excess production of oils on the skin, the excess oil in turn blocks the fine pores that are found on the face, we include Jojoba oil to reduce this over production.

The blocked pores become infected with bacteria and a white puris is formed, bring in the super hero of the day – Neem oil – this Bad boy clears out the bacteria before it is allowed to form, this eliminates the swelling and inflammation that can lead to those nasty scars.

The inclusion of Wheat Germ will boost your collagen production and will heal the scars that have formed.

Our Acne Cream addresses all of these problems and leaves the skin smooth and healthy.


Neem Oil: This oil is derived from the Neem tree found in India, it is anti bacterial, this eliminates the infection and white puris, it is also anti inflammatory which reduces the swelling and those ugly red bumps.

Jojoba Oil: Like Neem, Jojoba has multiple benefits; it has vitamins and minerals that mimic the skins oils, this triggers the body to reduce the amount of oil production, it is also high in vitamin B and E which boost the production of Collagen (the protein that makes new skin cells)

Wheat Germ Oil: We include Wheat Germ for it’s scar repairing qualities, it is high in vitamin E which boosts Collagen production and heals scarring and repairs the skin.

Rooibos: Is added to all our skin care products, this amazing extract is high in anti oxidants with high levels of flavonoid, rooibos helps in preventing skin disorders like eczema and acne and will also contribute to your skins overall health.


  1. Clean your face with a gentle face wash.
  2. Apply the cream to the entire area – so the whole face or shoulders – not just on the spots.
  3. Leave on for the day
  4. Repeat at night
  5. Use every day.

You may find that the cream has a slight odour, this is the Active ingredient Neem as it works on the skin, it will go away after about 2 – 3 minutes. It may smell strong to you but it is not detected by people standing close to you (and as I said it will disappear after a few minutes)

Your acne may increase slightly in the first week, do not be alarmed this is normal and your body will adjust to the cream and within 2 weeks you will see results – use it every day.


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