Advantage Cats – Over 4KG


Advantage Cats – Over 4KG


Advantage Cats – Over 4KG

Advantage is a monthly topical flea adulticide treatment suitable for cats and rabbits.

Effective, easy to apply spot-on treatment that kills fleas on contact, which means there’s no need for them to bite. Reinfesting fleas stop biting within just 3-5 minutes and are killed within 1 hour. Kills fleas for a month & safe to use on kittens from birth, & on pregnant and lactating animals.

Advantage is the best selling flea control medicine for your favorite pets. It is a proven remedy for getting rid of fleas and has been providing relief to Cats and Dogs for over 14 years.

It is effective and works quickly, killing over 98% of all fleas on your pet within twelve hours of the first application and continues protecting your pet from fleas for up to a month.Advantage Flea Control is created to work instantaneously and will start killing fleas and providing relief to pets in a matter of moments. It not only kills fleas, but also will rid your pet of any larvae, pupae and flea eggs, breaking the life-cycle of the flea. This is vital to protect your cat or dog from further infestations and the constant annoying scratching.

Advantage has been proven to be safe on small pets as well, so if you have kittens or puppies, advantage is perfect for them too. It can be used on I puppies from 7 weeks and for kittens from eight weeks Advantage has been designed to be water resistant and so its effectiveness will continue even after your pet is exposed to rain, or goes for a swim or even a shampoo.


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