Pets Elite All in one Mince 500g


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Pets Elite All in one Mince 500g

The Pets Elite range is based on your dog’s ancestral diet, mimicking their evolutionary feeding habits, while providing their essential nutritional requirements. Feeding a diet that is naturally designed for them, brings great health benefits, like a stronger immune system, which decreases their risk of contracting diseases and illnesses.
The goodness of raw food also promotes a healthy lifestyle, prolonging their life span.
Why feed Pets Elite Raw Food?
• consists of PURE MEAT (i.e., no additives)
• grain-, gluten- & sugar-free:
– no allergens mean no itching, healthy skin & a shinier coat
– promotes healthy teeth & gums
– makes your dog less hyper
• salt-free
– for healthy kidneys, liver & heart
• packed with essential nutrients
• assists with muscle gain & fat loss
• designed to be a staple diet (hint: do not mix with other foods)
– approved as a complete food by DAFF*
• suitable for all life stages, including puppies, lactating and senior dogs
• consumer-friendly (just open, defrost and serve)
• locally manufactured

The cut of meat is more important than the type of meat.
• green/black tripe is an important and excellent source of vegetables and enzymes

The All in One Mince uses a combination of the following core ingredients: A mixture of Chicken Mince, Organ Mix and Tripe Mince with added Kelp and Alfalfa

Feeding guideline:

Puppies: 50g – 100g per 1kg of the puppy’s weight 

Adult dogs: 100g-300g per every 10kg of the dog’s weight 



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