VetMed Eye Wash


VetMed provide the optimal conditions to substantially increase the ability to heal
naturally without the use of harmful toxins

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VetMed Eye Wash

Highly Effective and Safe for daily use VetMed Eye Wash is a unique
non-stinging and soothing formulation that assists in the rinsing of dirt and

Allergy relief for irritants such as mucous and pollen. Reduces
irritations such as burning and stinging, as well as the cleaning of tear stains and restoring the fur surrounding the eye back to its natural original colour.

Product Benefits
• No alcohol, antibiotics or steroids
• Can assist with pain and itch relief
• Safe if ingested or licked
• Non-irritating

Product Uses
• Conjuctivitus relief
• Clean discharge in and around the eyes
• Cleaning of tear stains
• Allergy symptom relief for eyes
• Pink Eye relief and cleaning
• Itchy and Irritating eye relief
• Effective cleaning and flushing of eyes

VetMed provide the optimal conditions to substantially increase the ability to heal
naturally without the use of harmful toxins.

VetMed HOCl Technology is a liquid solution formulated using salt, water, and a state-of-the-art electrolytic cell. Using the latest state of the art technology, we
produce a unique formulation for animals with the active ingredient of hypochlorous acid (HOCl), the very same HOCl produced by our animal’s blood cells (neutrophils) when combating foreign pathogens such as bacteria.

Alcohol free                     Skin neutral pH                Free of Steroids and
Anti-biotics                      Safe to ingest                   Non-cytotoxic
Water based                   Safe for all animals at any stage of life
Non-caustic                    Non-irritant & will not sting

The passion of our Vetmed team has lead us to formulate a veterinary recommended hypochlorous acid (HOCl) based solution that is completely safe,
non-toxic and has been clinically tested..

VetMed is a natural anti-bacterial remedy that is safe for all animals and species at any stage of life. Using the latest state of the art technology and years of scientific research, VetMed is able to provide breakthrough solutions in animal
wound care.

The Animal Wellness range of products deliver safe and consistent results to all pets and animals, from farms to homes.
Our specifically formulated HOCl products for animals are Vet recommended, shelf life enhanced, non-toxic and highly efficacious.

Our VetMed Hypochlorous solution is locally manufactured in an ISO certified facility. Our Hypochlorous Solution has been tested and certified under strict South African and internationally recognised standards.
It is our belief that all animals deserve to be treated with a product specifically designed with their wellness in mind.
As part of our mission to ensure the safety and health of all animals, we
support local shelters who can make use of our product.

C. albicans
E. coli
S. aureus
Aspergillus brasilliensis
Bacillus subtilis spores

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